Hello crafty Artesprix friends Ivy here. Do you love giving a handmade present? Usually I need something right away and today I need to whip up something quick and beautiful for a friend. I’ve got just the craft for you! These Artesprix coasters are such good quality you would not think this coaster craft is a DIY at all because it looks so good. Let’s get started!

What are Artesprix Sublimations Markers?

Artesprix markers allows you to draw on regular paper and transfer onto polyester coated blank such as totes bagsbookmarks and keychains and more.

To Create this Coaster, you will need the following: 

2. Fill 1 plastic cup with paper (to clean your brush with) The other plastic cup is for the Artesprix Ink Refill. You don’t need a lot, a few drops will go a long way.

3. Take your paint brush and apply some water on the paper and drop some ink.

I was originally going for a “marbled” look but its harder than I thought to achieve so I just went with abstract. Paint as much or as little as you want. Set it aside and let it completely dry. 

4. While you are waiting for the design to dry use a heat transfer carrier sheet and cut whatever shape you want on your electronic die cut machine. I used the letter R and I.

5. The heat transfer carrier sheet has a little bit of adhesive but it will not transfer on the coaster. By doing this it will let my letters be white after the sublimation process takes place and the background be my Iron-on-Ink design.

6. Place the heat transfer design on the coaster.

7. Turn on the heat press at 400℉ and 90 seconds.

8. Place the coaster down facing the design and use the protective heat tape to make sure it stays in place.

9. Once the heat press is ready we are going t make a Sublimation Sandwich with your Artesprix Protective Paper. Place one sheet of Protective Paper on the heat press the coaster and cover it all with protective paper.

*Make sure the your design is face down to the white (polyester side) of your coaster and is on the top of you Sublimation Sandwich.*

(This is a photo after I pressed my Textured Coaster and took off the top piece of my Sublimation Sandwich) 

Take a peek to make sure the ink has transferred and let the coaster cool down

This is my favorite part! Slowly Peel and Reveal your completed Artesprix Sublimation Textured Coasters.

Check out my YouTube Video for this Artesprix Textured Coaster Project! 

I hope you enjoyed this quick craft.

Until next time Happy Crafting!

Ivy @ IvyPINKmade 🙂